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Tourist Info

Five Falls

welcome-img The five falls is situated around 6 km away from the bus stand in the western side of the hills. This is yet another spectacular falls in the falls town of Kutralam. The quality of the water in this falls is very good and tasty although next to that in Main falls.

A max. of around 100 to 150 people can take bath at a time here making it another public water falls. As seen in the picture water flows in 5 seperate streams making it a real splendour to watch. Bathing can be done according to ones wishes. There are areas where water flow is very high and rough; some areas the flow is very high and smooth.

Temple welcome-img

There is a Ayyanar temple in front of the falls. Also there is a small Murugan temple in the front. The way to the falls from the town is very picturesque with big mountains to the left and green lush fields to the right.

Also there are mango farms on either side. You can also go for boating in the season months in a small pond on the way. More monkeys are seen here habitating

Temples Visit

welcome-imgKutralam is famous for its temples around mainly

  • Thirukutralanaadhar Temple.
  • Ilanji Kumaran Temple - at Ilanji , a town 1 km away on the Shenkotah road
  • Thirumalai Kovil - roughly 8 km away in the west.
  • Tenkasi Kasi Viswanathar Temple - in Tenkasi just 6 km away from Kutralam.
  • Puliyarai dhakshinamoorthy Temple - in Puliyarai town which is 12 km on the way to Kerala.
  • Ariyankavu Iyappan temple - this place is 35 km away and is in Kerala.
  • Hill Produce in Kutralam. Lot of fruits are produced in the hills of Kutralam. Mostly they come in the market just after Summer. i.e June, July. Of them main fruits are Mangoosethan, Ramttan, Malai orange(bigger than the usual orange)

Main Fallswelcome-img

The main falls as seen in this picture is the last falls in the "chitraar" river. The river is a small one with origin uphill flowing from the highs of the podigai hills.

This river flows through "Therkku malai Estate", Honey falls and Shenbagadevi falls before it reaches the main falls. Near this falls is the "Kutralanaadhar Temple " supposed to be one of the oldest temples in south india.

Health Tourism

welcome-imgWhen one takes bath in this falls the chillness of the water reduces the body surface temperature thus giving rise to more flow of blood to the internal organs of the body mainly to the digestive system. This helps in quicker digestion of the food taken already thus increasing the appetite as soon as we take bath.

The quality of the water in this stream of the chitraar river is extremely good, tasty, very soft and tingy tempting anyone to drink more water. The water while taking bath in the falls cleans all the jewels worn by the ladies making them to glitter.

Naturally the cleaning of the system inside the body also happens as one drinks this herbal water while taking bath. Years back people with mental illness were allowed to bath here as there was a belief that the water in the falls cures mental illness to some extent. But due to the excess crowd seen nowadays this practice has been dispensed with.

Night View of Main Fallswelcome-img

The main falls in kutralam is a delight to watch during nights. Flood lights are seen in Main falls and Five falls helping the tourists to take bath at night also.

Night bathing helpsyou to go to bed in peace and have a wonderful sleep. At nights the crowd in the falls is less and the water is also purer as there is no disturbance in the water source.

Shenbagadevi Falls

welcome-imgThe Shenbagadevi Falls is another falls in Kutralam in a natural environment. The falls is situated above Main falls in the Chitraar river line. It is around 2.5 km from the Sitraruvi Falls. One has to trek thro the hils along the Chitraar river to reach the Shenbagadevi Falls.

It takes roughly arond 30 mins. to reach the falls from Sitraruvi falls . The Chitraar river after reaching Honey falls flows down the hills to reach the Shenbagadevi falls.

There is a big pool in front of the falls making it a good place to swim around. Unlike Main falls only around 10 people can take bath here. The water falls from a height of around 40 ft.( 14 m. ).

It is risky to take bath here when the flowof water is high as there is every chance of getting washed away down the hills. There is a temple in front of the falls called Shenbagadevi Temple with Shenbagadevi as the deity . The deity is situated in a cool and beautiful environment.

Any festival done in Thirukkutralanaadhar Temple starts from this shenbagadevi temple. During the tamil month of Chithirai a ten day festival is arranged which ends in a special prayer on Pournami ( Full Moon ). The water from this flows down the hills before it reaches Main falls. Some water is diverted to Puliaruvi ( tiger falls ) and Sitraruvi. These two falls are small ones and is accesible to public.